Erika has had over 18 years of dance experience. She specializes in modern and contemporary, but she has been trained in ballet, jazz, tap, and partnering. Prior to studying dance at James Madison University, Erika attended a performing arts high school called, “Center for the Performing Arts” at Henrico High School (2010-2014). She also trained, performed, and taught at Richmond Dance Center located in Richmond, Virginia. She has taught tap, ballet, and modern at Richmond Dance Center to a variety of ages (3- 16 years old). 

During her undergraduate degree, Erika was a dancer with the Virginia Repertory Dance Company (VRDC). VRDC is JMU’s dance program’s pre-professional dance company that is under the direction of Shane O’Hara. Erika has been part of this company for two years (2016-2018). She has had the opportunity to work with guest artists such as Netta Yerushalmy, Christopher K. Morgan, Christy Funsch, Peter Kope from Attack Theatre, and many more artists. She has performed the VRDC concert, Dancescapes on JMU’s Mainstage theatre and Dogtown Dance Theatre in Richmond. In the spring season, VRDC travels throughout Virginia, the region, and internationally in a variety of performance venues. 

Along with performing with the Virginia Repertory Dance Company, Erika was also part of the Contemporary Dance Ensemble (CDE). CDE is JMU’s performance ensemble for dance majors. Through this ensemble, Erika has had the opportunity to perform in student concerts and the ensemble’s Mainstage production, New Voices in Dance. She has worked with guest artists, faculty, and students as part of the ensemble. 

After graduating from JMU, Erika worked for Jess Burgess as a professional dancer in the company, RVA Dance Collective. Erika joined the company in June 2018. She has performed three times with the company. She performed in the Small Plates Choreography Festival and the The Dogtown Presenter’s Series: Dark Side of the Moon​; both choreography by Jess Burgess. In May 2019 she was in Four Seasons and performed different works from multiple choreographers.